Why Chef Lagniappe?

La·gniappe /lan ‘yap/ – something given as a bonus or extra gift.

In New Orleans, lagniappe is more than a popular phrase, it’s a custom. Every day we share our cuisine and heritage with guests from near and far through our four restaurants in the French Quarter, (Palace Cafe, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Bourbon House and Tableau).

Do you want a little something extra? The truth is we all do. At Dickie Brennan & Co. we have an insatiable hunger for food news, recipes, techniques, etc. Pretty much if it has something to do with food or drink, we’re interested. Lucky for us, we have a fairly extensive network of culinary professionals in our ranks. One may be an expert in American cheesemakers, another in French wine. We get to pick each other brains on a regular basis to expand our own knowledge. But why should we keep this info just to ourselves? Well, the answer is, we’re not! We decided to create a platform for us to share information. With our new blog, Chef Lagniappe we promise to deliver regular, engaging, informative information to our readers. We’re going beyond the plate, tapping into our deep pool of talent. We’ll post recipes often from the restaurants, but we’ll also post about food topics inspired by our teams’ current infatuations – be it kombucha, bitters or fancy chef knives. When we have events that we think may interest you, or new promotions going on, we’ll tell you a bit about those things as well.

Sit down with us for a serving of digital food news. Subscribe and follow us, we’d very much appreciate your company! We welcome your feedback and would love to learn more about what you’d like to read! Please feel free to contact us at contact@dbcno dot com or leave a note below in the comments.