Happy Jazz Fest!

It’s the first weekend of Jazz Fest in New Orleans and you can feel the excitement in the air! We have a good view of the yellow school buses lined up in front of the hotels, ready to shuttle visitors to the Fair Grounds. We’re having a little fun today of our own. Following on the coat-tails of the recently popular game on facebook “10 Concerts I’ve been to, One is Lie,” here is our version…

Ten concerts at Le Petit Theatre (located next door to Tableau), one is a lie:

  1. Dr. John
  2. Paul Simon
  3. David Torkanowsky and friends
  4. Terence Blanchard
  5. Cowboy Mouth
  6. Marcia Ball
  7. Sweet Crude
  8. moe.
  9. Raw Oyster Cult
  10. Leo Nocentelli

Answer….Cowboy Mouth. That will, of course, all change tomorrow (4/29) when Cowboy Mouth takes the stage at Le Petit for an intimate show (compared to the band’s usual performances). A few tickets are still available.