Bad Beasts are Good Eats

Dickie Brennan & Co. chef Rene Bajeux was recently interviewed by the Associated Press about the Louisiana slaughterhouse butchering wild pigs. Feral hogs are a huge problem for the state and cause $76 million-plus in annual damage. The Springfield Slaughterhouse receives the hogs alive so that they can be inspected prior to slaughtering. Once butchered the meat is sold to restaurants and grocery stores.

“It is good for everything — good for business, good for cooking, good for the ecology, good for everything. Those bad beasts are a good treat.” Says Chef Rene. He uses the meat to make about 80 pounds of bacon a week for the Palace Cafe brunch menu. He also utilizes the boar to make his lauded charcuterie, producing items from sausage to speck.

Chef Rene is not the only Dickie Brennan & Co. chef using the sustainably sourced meat. Chef Eric Cook from Bourbon House has been running a regular special of cracklin’ crusted wild boar chop. The chop sells out every time he runs it.

What do you think about the new approach to dealing with the over-population of Wild Boar?