White Chocolate Trivia

White Chocolate Bread PuddingWhen Dickie Brennan and his team were opening Palace Café in 1991, they decided that they wanted the dessert menu to be all chocolate. As a quintessential New Orleans dessert, Bread Pudding had to be included in the menu. Experimentation began and a friend suggested trying white chocolate. In a city centered around indulgence, Swiss White Chocolate was baked into the actual bread pudding, and if that wasn’t enough, a white chocolate ganache completed the dish.

The high demand for this dessert has made Palace Café the number one user of Swiss White Chocolate in the country. To-date, the restaurant has used close to 61 tons of white chocolate (equitable to the weight of 15 elephants!) Decades later, this dish remains the signature dessert at Palace Café and has been copied around the city and the country.