Wild Turkey Cocktail Event

Mardi Gras is gearing up and Bourbon House is offering a little party as a precursor to little weekend. Bourbon House will have special guest, JoAnn Street, Wild Turkey Brand Ambassador and granddaughter of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, to help host a cocktail party and guided tasting. 

Like most fun events, we’ll begin with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and then progress to a guided tasting including the following: 

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve 6 year

Russell’s Reserve 10 year

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

To complement the bourbon, Bourbon House chefs have created a delicious menu of appetizers for the evening.


Smoked Rabbit Tamale

Shrimp and sour strawberry pepper jelly canapé

Crawfish Mousse toast

Redfish Chips and Caviar

Crudité display

Seafood Spinach and Artichoke dip

Savor the bourbon as this third generation member of the storied Russell family shares the history of the iconic Wild Turkey Distillery and her experience growing up in one of the most well-known families in bourbon. $60 inclusive tax and tip.