Why You Should Be Drinking Pineapple Rum

It’s likely that thoughts of sickly sweet rum with a hint of not-too-appealing sunblock have just entered your mind. It’s understandable, because honestly it’s what we thought when we first heard of Plantation’s Pineapple Rum. We feared it was the not so distant cousin of coconut rum. Which has its rightful place in some cocktails, but you wouldn’t want to drink it straight. We were wrong, so wrong in fact.

Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple is refined, subtly sweet and well balanced with a smidge of smoky notes. This artisanal infusion is named after Charles Dicken’s character, Reverend Stiggins from Pickwick Papers, whose favorite drink was “pineapple rum.” Plantation takes the bark of Victoria pineapples (a smaller, sweeter variety of pineapples than we’re accustomed to) and infuse those in Plantation 3 Stars rum and distill further. Separately, the fruit of the pineapple is infused in Plantation Original Dark rum. Finally both distillate and fruit infusion are blended together, creating a rich, but not over-powering pineapple bouquet, accented by smoky and clove notes.

Why are we telling you about this rum? This rum and many of the other rums from award-winning Plantation Rum have become the chosen sipping rums of Palace Cafe’s bartenders and chefs. So much so that Palace Cafe’s chef, Taylor Lorio approached Plantation Rum about partnering for a special dinner. They agreed, and that dinner is going to be held on April 18th at Palace Café.

Chef Taylor created a special menu complete with flavors of the Caribbean prepared New Orleans style. We’re talking snapper “wings” with curry leaf aioli and seared scallops with coriander and pineapple-cane gastrique. There’s smoked lamb with pomegranate molasses and a show-stopping dessert. Baked Alaska, that maybe would be more appropriately named “Baked Antiqua” with ginger spice cake, and bitter dark chocolate ice cream, flamed with non other than Plantation Rum –tableside!

This will be an experience. Great food, great cocktails and great company. Make your reservation today!

April 18th – 6:30pm

Cocktail Reception at Black Duck Bar

Featuring chef’s selection of passed hors d’oeuvres with a Black Duck Bar Punch

Dinner in Palace Cafe’s Fleur De Lis Room

1st   Course

Snapper “Wings”
Curry leaf aioli, toasted peanuts, fresh herbs

Paired with the Toasted Pecan Cocktail – Plantation Barbados 5 yr., praline liqueur, lime juice, black walnut bitters 

2nd Course

Seared Scallop
Coriander, pineapple-cane gastrique, pineapple chip

Paired with the Stiggin’ Around Cocktail – Plantation “Stiggins” Fancy Pineapple, Sandeman Porto Tawny 20 yr., Dolin dry vermouth, tobacco bitters, orange bitters

3rd Course

Smoked Lamb Shoulder
Pomegranate molasses glaze, baby carrots, gremolata

Paired with Spring Vacation Cocktail – Plantation Xaymaca, Crème Yvette, rosemary simple syrup, tiki bitters, mint leaves 

4th Course

Baked Alaska
Ginger-spice cake, bitter dark chocolate ice cream, candied ginger flamed with Plantation Rum Tableside

Paired with a Neat Pour of Plantation 20th Anniversary Blend 

$98 Inclusive of Tax and Gratuity