Chicken and Waffles Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Here in New Orleans we don’t experience changes in the seasons the way many other parts of the country do. Our four seasons are Mardi Gras, Crawfish, Snowballs and Football. “Who Dat!”

And although we spend much of our year with the AC on, we still like to acknowledge the existence of the actual seasons through our menus. Our signature standards are not going anywhere, but seasonal highlights are removed for new, of-the-moment dishes so that our chefs get to flex their creativity, and our guests get to reap the reward.

What’s Cooking this summer? Here are a few highlights from the new menus at the Dickie Brennan Family of Restaurants:

Chicken and Waffle Salad at Tableau

Leave your expectations at the door and be prepared to be amazed. This salad is light and fresh at the same time decadent. The chicken is buttermilk battered and twice fried, the “waffle” portion comes in the form of malted waffle croutons, and the local butter lettuce is tossed in a warm bacon sugarcane vinaigrette. It’s an unexpected take on what has become a popular dish on menus throughout the country, dancing on that fine line between sweet and savory.  Tableau serves brunch seven days a week and you’ll find this gem on that menu.

Seared Scallops at Palace Café

Updated seasonally, this dish has a few key summer elements that make it really delicious. First, a perfect sear on the fresh, lightly seasoned scallops. The result is a nice crust that yields to a tender bite. The scallops sit atop a fried tarragon risotto cake which, like the seared scallops, is crispy on the outside, yet rich and creamy when you cut into it. For dimension, the dish is finished with Herbsaint, wild oyster mushrooms. and a light truffle vinaigrette. This beauty of a dish is found on the dinner menu. See, there’s reasons to visit Palace Cafe beyond of our ever-popular summer Temperature Lunch!

Local Steak Duo at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

It’s not new news that Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse is a local steakhouse. Beyond simply being locally owned, we also use local products whenever possible, and highlight those local purveyors whenever we can. While Louisiana and Mississippi have a rich cattle raising history, much of this cattle doesn’t stay in put, they’re shipped off and finished at corn lots in the Mid-West. Some local ranchers are changing that and raising cattle in a humane way, using sustainable methods. Raine’s Farm and Home Place Pastures are both doing amazing work raising some of the best beef available. Chef Grant Wallace at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse is showcasing their steaks on the “Local Steak Board.” This board includes two contrasting cuts of beef, lightly seasoned and expertly cooked to bring out the natural flavor of these exceptional products. The cuts change daily based on availability and the board comes with chef’s choice of sauce and garnish.

Grandma’s Mirliton at Bourbon House

Remember those stuffed mirlitons your grandmother made? With sautéed trinity, seafood, and breadcrumbs? Well, the Stuffed Mirlitons on Bourbon House’s summer menu will invoke nostalgia, at the same time showing you the new heights that talented chefs are able to take classic dishes to. The perfectly cooked mirliton (think al dente, NOT mushy), the generous helping of local blue crab meat seasoned with a liberal hand of Creole hand, and the creamy tomato vinaigrette all come together to create a perfect summer dish.

These dishes, like summer, won’t last forever

Do you due diligence and make your way to the French Quarter. It maybe (scratch that it’s definitely) hot outside, but we’ve got some of the best air conditioning around. See you round the table soon!