Tableau’s Haunted Past Comes Alive with Psychic Medium Dinners

In America’s most haunted city, Tableau has had more than its fair share of paranormal activity. Doors blowing open without a shred of wind, TV’s turning on with no one in sight, items disappearing then reappearing. Everyone from cooks to waiters to outside maintenance crews have their own ghostly story to tell. We even caught one of these other-worldly occurrences on film. As Louisiana Eats’ Poppy Tooker said “Tableau’s ghosts know how to make the bottles fly better than any bartender.” Poppy Tooker even included Tableau in her Spooky Eats Episode.

Built on the remains of a structure dating from 1789, the building that houses Tableau passed through numerous owners and experienced many uses. It was even used as a barracks for occupying Union soldiers during the Civil War. From sightings of a well-groomed Union Officer roaming the halls to reports of an actress dressed in a wedding gown floating from floor-to-floor, Tableau has more than just one ghost story.

What will be your story? Let us help you discover and connect with departed spirits in our Psychic Medium Private Dinner events. In October of 2018 we started offering these dinners as special events. The experience has been so well received, and met with such demand, that we have expanded the offering to private groups. Gather 10 or more of your friends, family or acquaintances and treat yourselves to a truly unique evening. For more details on how to plan your supernatural event, visit our private dining page.